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Failure Modes And Effects Analysis

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FMEA- All possible failures in a design or a process or even a product can be detected using a smart approach called the FMEA or Failure Mode and Effect Analysis. Using the FMEA approach, one can document the current knowledge and actions about the risk and failures and use it for continuous improvement. Almost all the big companies use FMEA to assess and prevent risks. Ford applied the same approach to processes (PFMEA) to consider potential process induced failures prior to launching production. FMEA prioritizes the seriousness of a risk based on its consequences, the frequency of their occurrence,and their detectability. The main goal here is to take actions to eliminate or reduce failures, starting with the ones at the highest-priority. FMEA is used during design to prevent failures. It is also used for control, before and during ongoing operation of the process.

Examples Of Failure Modes And Effects Analysis

Design FMEA

This is a group of tasks that is done to realize and identify potential systems, or products or failures. DFMEA finds the consequences and outputs of these failures and actions and removes them to provide a written history of the work performed. DFMEA is useful in areas of manufacturing, software, business processes, service industries, healthcare, and regulated industries

Process FMEA

Manufacturers and process engineers aim to make a process error free. Now errors can be made inevitable and this can be done using PFMEA. PFMEA looks at each process step and identifies its possible risks and outcomes from various sources. These sources are : man, method, machinery, material, mother earth (environment), measurement

Functional FMEA

FFMEA or functional FMEA aims to recognize and analyze potential issues thereby introducing new functionality or design ideas that can be added into the design system. It is a pro-active tool that identifies functionalities and features to make the product more robust and failure resistant.

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