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Lean Six Sigma In FMCG

Lean Six Sigma is a tested approach to enhance business performance and precision. It’s a management strategy that underscores the importance of setting lofty goals, gathering information, and meticulously analyzing outcomes to minimize flaws in products and services. 

FMCG businesses, known for high SKU and typically having multiple products on each delivered pallet, have adeptly incorporated lean techniques in their high-mix distribution processes. They’ve employed lean methodologies and techniques throughout the value chain between shippers and customer distribution centers. 

Guided by Anexas, an NGO that stands among the world’s top 100 NGOs, Six Sigma has been employed at the distribution stage not just to pinpoint financial enhancement opportunities but also to rapidly instate alterations in the upstream supply chain, thereby substantially minimizing the aforementioned expensive inefficiencies.

Why is Lean Six Sigma so important in this industry?

  • Al Safi
  • SFDA (Saudi Food and Drug Authority)
  • Akshay Patra
  • Herbal Life
  • Al Marai
  • Neo Foods
  • National Biscuits company
  • Savola

The above organizations have reduced the finished good wastage, scrap, and variation in products and increased the efficiency while improving the quality of the products.

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