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Lean Six Sigma In Oli and Gas Industry

Lean Six Sigma in Oil, Gas Petrochemical Industry has triggered the oil and gas industry to embrace more efficient means of operations. Companies in oil and gas have applied Lean Six Sigma to increase reliability, improve production and reduce costs while running safe operations. Too much waste, too much redundancy, and lengthy turnaround time result in the most efficient oil and gas companies failing to meet customer expectations.

Oil & Gas companies are required to be flexible and agile to succeed because the industry continues to face a lot of problems like technical innovation, price volatility, and an uncertain regulatory environment. In the long term, the principles of continuous improvement can drive the required results even in the most dynamic environments. This is why the Lean Six Sigma methodologies are gaining popularity in the oil & gas industry.

Why is Lean Six Sigma so important in this industry?

Lean Six Sigma changes how the industry functions, the Lean Six Sigma certified practitioners perform the following-

  • Understand the oil manufacturing process and its value proposition.
  • Outline the optimal state of the business, it system and operations.
  • Conduct analysis of the existing condition, narrowing the gaps for improvement. 
  • Investigate the causes behind safety issues, variations in production and losses in business. 
  • Design a plan to resolve all quality issues to enhance performance. 

Lean Six Sigma can be applied to both, individual processes anf the entire system of the organization in the oil and gas industry. The main objective in the industry is to avoid spills, priorities safety and reduce delays, by identifying the problem and working diligently to rectify them. 

Here are some tips for implementing Lean and Six Sigma in Oil and Gas Industry-

  • Lean Six Sigma offers numerous benefits as long as necessary conditions are met initially. 
  • Many tools and concepts are proven useful in oil and gas industry, for best results it is recommended to choose the appropriate statistical tools and knowledge. 
  • Lean Six Sigma offers continuous improvement and defect reduction, if applied in right areas, can drive success in busines. 
  • ts is essential to address any policies that impede the progress of Lean Six Sigma approach. Such policies should be modified or changed for smooth implementation.

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