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GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation Training and consulting

GDPR Training and Consulting

Discover the power of Anexas GDPR Foundation training, designed to equip you with the necessary skills to implement and oversee compliance frameworks for safeguarding personal data. This comprehensive program enables you to grasp the core principles of privacy and gain a deep understanding of the crucial role of a Data Protection Officer. 

Key highlights- GDPR Training and Consulting

Enrolling in Anexas GDPR Foundation training unlocks the knowledge and expertise to manage and execute privacy initiatives effectively. Master the essential elements needed to navigate the intricate data protection landscape and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Key highlights of Anexas GDPR Training and Consulting –

  • Set expectations on deliverables
  • Identify Processes and Systems
  • Assess Processes and Systems
  • Identify Strengths and Areas to improve
  • Prepare implementation plans
  • Manage review and approval for the next steps
  • Communicate with process owners on an implementation plan with timelines
  • Establish governance mechanism to track progress

Join Anexas GDPR Foundation training today and embark on a journey toward excellence in privacy management. 

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